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Diaper is a type of innerwear that allows
baby to defecate or urinate,
without the use of a toilet.
Change it whenever it is full or looks like a boul.
Failure to change may arise skin problem or rashes on the skin of your baby.

Wake Up Your Baby

Good Morning Sweet Heart
A Good Sleep time is necessary for a Healthier Baby

1.   Talk to Baby with smiling face and hold baby upright.

2.   Avoid Brighten Light in the Room, Lighten room with a dim light.

3.   Touch baby's face with a gentle touch so that baby can feel u.

4.   Clean Baby's face with clean, cold and dry cloth.

5.   Check diaper if it need to change than change it.

Baby Care from Pets

1.   Regular checkup of your pet to the veterinarian Have yours dewormed and vaccinated. Trim nail and bath are also helpful to save from vacteria.

2.   Always have safety precautions.Just because your pet is a breed that has a reputation for being "good with kids" doesn't mean that precautions can be ignored. An Animal should be well trained.

3.   Environment should be calm and controlled Keep all contact between your pet and your child calm and controlled.

4.   Baby and Pet should sleep in a seprate room

5.  Keep your pet away from yourself while you are holding baby.

6.  Always keep watching your baby and pet

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