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Diaper is a type of innerwear that allows
baby to defecate or urinate,
without the use of a toilet.
Change it whenever it is full or looks like a boul.
Failure to change may arise skin problem or rashes on the skin of your baby.

A Little Smile of a Baby Can Change Your World!

A Smile Costs Nothing But Gives Much More

1.   I See U
This is favorite for babies. You can use a cloth, table or your hands and you will find a smile on face of your baby.

2.   Bubbles
Bubble is one of the best way to smile a baby. There are different types of bubbles available in the market to entertain a baby.                                


3.   Guest or Be a Guest
Ask someone with a baby child for lunch or dinnner, This will help the baby to play with a new friend and baby will smile to see a new child around.

4.   Silly Movements
Do some silly movements to entertain a baby like face expression and jump around a baby.

                                                                                                                    5.  Music
Music is the one of the best way to refresh a baby. Avoid hard music always play a light music for baby.

6.  Hand Puppet
For hand puppet you can use cloth, paper or a pen to make a shape. With hand puppet touch the baby gently with a different voice and you can see smile of your baby

7.  Spin A Top
Baby will smile when you spin a top. As the top goes here and there your baby will smile. You can use a plastic bottle instead of top.

8.  Gentle touch on hands and foots of baby
With Gentle touch on hands and foots of a baby as baby will feel your hands on body and your baby will smile

9.  Voice of Birds and Animals
Voice of different Birds and Animals also a way to smile a baby. For this you can use TV, CD or Mobile (Stay away mobile from your baby)

10.  Spin Baby
Spin baby with precautions. Hold tightly your baby and go round round and round as you round yourself and baby, Your baby will smile.

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