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Diaper is a type of innerwear that allows
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Change it whenever it is full or looks like a boul.
Failure to change may arise skin problem or rashes on the skin of your baby.

Hug your Baby at home, belt them in the car!

1.   Baby Car Seat

Always use baby car seat while travelling with a baby in Car. Many children dies or injured due to car crashes. To take care of your beloved baby always use baby car seat. Many types Baby car seats are available in the market as per your need and space of your vehicle. There are many laws related to baby travelling in your car or taxi. If you will not follow the rules then may be you have to bear a fine and punishment.

2.   Lane Driving

Lane Driving is Safe driving. There are two or three lanes in the way you are moving. Use left lane (check lane drive of your country) to go faster or Pass or turn left, Use Middle lane for Smooth and uninterrupted driving, Pick right lane for slow, right turn (check lane drive of your country). To change your lane always check gap between your vehicle and other vehicles running on lanes, don't change your until there is clear gap. Many crashes held just due to no prcautions before lane changing. Always follow the rule for safe driving.


3.   Avoid Mobile While Driving

Avoid Mobile, Hands-free, Laptop and all other electric items that can distract your attention from driving. All these items are legally banned while driving. As per a data more than 1.6 Millions crashes every year just due to mobile and electronic items. More than 3,000 deaths each year just due to distract driving. If you love and care yourself and your babies than avoid all electronic items while driving.

4.   Never Play on the Road

Roads are for smooth driving so that citizens of that area can reach over their location without wastage of time. Roads are never constructed to play over there. Play in playgrounds, parks, stadium or at home. For safety of your babies, never play on roads. Always walk on foothpath of the road. Never play stunts on road.

5.  Speed Limit

Drive within speed limit of the road. Over speed invite accidents on the road. Reason for most of the crashes on the road is over speeding and zig-zag driving. This may cost to your and baby life. Always check braking system of your vehicle before go for a long drive, so that you can stop when you need it. Always concentrate on road while driving. Subway is safe driving.

6.  Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossing is also known as Zebra crossing. This is the place from where you can cross road from one side to another side. These types of sign are marked at heavy traffic places. This is most safest place to cross a road. Wait for road to clear or signal (installed at many places). Stop before pedestrian crossing, If your are driving your vehicle.

Educate your children about Traffic Rule

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