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Diaper is a type of innerwear that allows
baby to defecate or urinate,
without the use of a toilet.
Change it whenever it is full or looks like a boul.
Failure to change may arise skin problem or rashes on the skin of your baby.

Baby care is the caring for and supervision of a child. Child care is the action or skills of taking care after children by a day-care center, parents, babysitter, or other providers

Smile a Baby
A Little Smile of a Baby Can Change Your World!

  I See U
This is favorite for babies. You can use a cloth, table or your hands and you will find a smile on face of your baby.

Bubble is one of the best way to smile a baby. There are .......... See More                                

Facts Related to Babies

Four babies Are Born Every Second- Around 255 babies born in world. That is 4.3 births every single second! ....... See More

Facts Related to Babies

Babies Have More Bones Than Adults -A baby born with 270 bones and by the time he reaches adulthood that number drops to 206! The reason for the loss of bones is due to fusion of the spine and skull as baby grows. ....... See More

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