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Diaper is a type of innerwear that allows
baby to defecate or urinate,
without the use of a toilet.
Change it whenever it is full or looks like a boul.
Failure to change may arise skin problem or rashes on the skin of your baby.

Baby in Flight
"Safety is Better Than Sorry"

1.  Check all the facilities offered and restrictions by airline for journey with Baby.
2.  Read Carefully Terms and conditions of the airline before payment of ticket.
3.  Leave your Place Early from the Scheduled Time.
4.  Take your Time for all the formalities.
5.  Get Benefit of all the facilities provided by airport and airline.
6.  Get favourite food and drink of the baby with yourself.
7.  Take some toys with yourself.
8.  Pack some extra cloths and diapers of the baby.
9.  Prefer security of your baby instead of your luggage.
10.  Pack only what you can carry.

Baby Sitting and Teething

Baby tries to sit at the age of 4-6 months.
Do not force a baby to sit. This is a natural activity - Baby will start sitting naturally.
Teething is also a natural activity. Teething start from 4 to 12 months.

1.  Cough / Fever
2.  Irritation
3.  Crying / Biting
4.  Refused to Eat

These are few symptoms of Teething
For Teething, Consult with Medical practitioner.
You can use different products available in the market for teething of your baby,also.

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